1. How can I convert my Spotify playlists into my Napster account?

a. The easiest way to convert playlists from your Spotify account into your Napster account is to provide us with your Spotify username and password. We can then find all your available playlists in Spotify. You can then choose which ones you wish to convert. Click the 'SUBMIT' button and enter your Napster login and password on the next screen. As soon as you have submitted these, the migration process will start immediately. Finally, you will get a list of the converted tracks and possibly some tracks that we were not able to find.
b. If you don't have your Spotify username available, please provide us with the Spotify URI. You can get this by clicking the '3 dots' option menu and select 'Copy Spotify URI' (If you don't see this option please go to the Playlist page and copy the address from the browsers address bar instead). Then just go back to the Napster playlist converter and select the 'I DON'T HAVE A SPOTIFY USERNAME AVAILABLE' link on the first page. You're then able to paste in the Spotify URI by clicking the right mouse button and selecting 'Insert'. Add your Napster credentials and click 'SUBMIT'.

2. Why are some of my Spotify playlists grayed out?

The purpose of the playlist converter tool is to convert your private Spotify playlists into Napster. Therefor we disabled playlists that you didn't create yourself. Nevertheless, if you feel this should work for some playlists please follow the instructions as described in 1b.

3. The playlist converter doesn't show any of my playlists.

Please make sure that the Spotify username you have entered is exactly the same as it appears in your profil; watch out for uppercase and lowercase letters. Please login at: spotify.com/account and verify your username. If you see an ID instead of a name, then please provide this in the username field instead.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at: tools-faq@napster.de